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Welcome to India Art. Experience the world of transition from the unknown to the material with the amazing works of Madhulika Jha, an artist based at Delhi,India. Immerse yourself in her Sculptures, Paintings, Sketches and Portraits infused with a riot of colors, wit and emotions as she creates timeless art pieces in a new dimension of space and time...

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Phone No:  95120 – 2536940                          +91 9810578701

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Madhulika Jha | The Works

My sculptures capture the human spirit in different moods in Bronze and Fiber glass, reflecting mankind in its myriad forms. Since my work is totally apolitical, it has very little social message as such for society, except that whatever your interests are, focus on them and give them your best efforts, your passion and your hard work and see them turn into such age defying and lasting joy. Art to me equals meditation, it takes me away from the mundane, and lifts me to a higher plane where all artists are my friends - be they young or old.

I have exhibited my work in 2004, 2008 and 2011 in solo shows, and many group shows at Triveni Kala Sangam and other prestigious venues. My recent work in Bronze and Fiber Glass depicts myriad emotions and relations with varied finishes. For me the sensuous rhythm and pulse of the human face and figure are the very same that throb in the nature and make the world go round. The response of each viewer is his/her own reaction and I let my work speak for itself.

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                Solo Shows | Exhibitions

  • Taj Art Gallery, Mumbai, 1977
  • Taj Art Gallery, Mumbai, 1982
  • Cochin Club, 1973
  • Wellington Gymkhana Club, 1975
  • Alliance Francaise, Bangalore, 1984
  • Triveni Kala Sangam “ NUANCES” 2004
  • Triveni Kala Sangam “REFLECTED MOODS” 2008
  • Triveni Kala Sangam “WE THE LIVING” 2011
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                   Group Shows | Exhibitions

  • AIFACS,     Millenium All India Art Exhibition, 2001
  • AIFACS,    Annual All India Exhibition, 2002
  • Lalit Kala   Exhibition, Lucknow Centre, 2003
  • SAC group show, 2003
  • Concern India Foundation, New Delhi, 2004
  • The Grand, New Delhi, 2005
  • U K High Commission, United States Embassy & Foundation for Arts
  • Hand painted designer pots and ceramics, 2005
  • Ashoka Hotel, New Delhi, 2005
  • Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi “Impressions,” 2005
  • Triveni Kala Sangam  “Sculptors”, 2006
  • Arpana Kaur Gallery,  2005
  • Triveni Sculpture Court “Rhythmic Balance “ 2008
  • Triveni Sculpture Court  Earth to Metal “ 2010
  • AIFACS, “82nd Annual All India Art Exhibition 2010
  • AIFACS,  2012
  • Kala Mitra, Noida, 2012

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  • Bachelor of Arts with Fine Arts, Agra University
  • Masters in English,  Mysore University

Work Experience

  • Working in the Sculpture Department, Triveni Kala Sangam since 1997


  • Worked in the Painting Department of Triveni Kala Sangam
  • Honored by Ashoka Hotel as Celebrity Artist 2008
  • Honored by Kalp Taru, Delhi 2004
  • AIFACS Award for Sculpture 2010