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Welcome to India Art. Experience the world of transition from the unknown to the material with the amazing works of Madhulika Jha, an artist based at Delhi,India. Immerse yourself in her Sculptures, Paintings, Sketches and Portraits infused with a riot of colors, wit and emotions as she creates timeless art pieces in a new dimension of space and time...

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The Artist – Madhulika Jha

Ever since I can remember, the beauty of line, form and color have enthralled me. Art was the only class that got me a “Good” and so the childish drawings matured into a Graduation in Fine Arts from Agra University. Marriage, kids, transfers and kids education, all claimed their due attention, however II kept exhibiting my oils at the Taj Art Gallery – Bombay, Alliance Françoise Bangalore, and many other galleries, mostly in the South of India as my husband was posted there.

Sculpture – an art form, I had always been searching for came to me in 1997, when I heard of Triveni Kala Sangam at Tansen Road. It was a home coming in real sense. I found the touch of clay indescribable, and since then painting, though I continued sporadically, took a back bench. To see the Three Dimensional take shape in your hands is an immensely satisfying experience.I love the interactions of emotions, the sensuousness of the female figure, and that love flows naturally through the shapes and the rhythm of the body and the figure. My work depicts the transition of the immaterial and ethereal into the physical and material.

My sculptures, to me, are the people I know and who live in my heart. Each one has a story to tell, a mood that he or she is caught in and which strikes a chord in the viewer’s heart and psyche. To me a woman, even when she is alone, is not really alone. You can read her thoughts in her body language. You can imagine and feel her emotions as she is immersed in them. The unstated is quite as interesting, if not more than the stated. Hence, though many of my works show a woman, none is really alone.

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  • Honored by Ashoka Hotel as Celebrity Artist 2008
  • Honored by Kalp Taru, Delhi 2004
  • AIFACS Award for Sculpture 2010
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The Inspiration

Myriad experiences occur as we walk along the path of life and leave their impact on our conscious and  subconscious mind, and when we sit in solitude the happy, sad, funny or amorous images “flash upon the inward eye” inspiring verse from the poet, art from the artist. So it is with me, from day to day experiences to bygone longings, to future dreams, these are the fertile grounds in which germinate the seeds of creativity.

Emotions need expression and we embody them in whatever way we are comfortable. My approach to life is to focus on the positive, thus my work revolves around the threads of love binding people. Prominent in my work is the woman in her many Avtars, always surrounded by an aura beauty, grace sensuality and love. To me the outer beauty of face and form is just a reflection of the beauty of the soul. The serenity of face can only come when one is at peace with all mankind. I use exaggeration and distortion as a means of adding interest and to create an artistic balance.

To me a woman is the embodiment of sensuality and both inner and outer beauty. The mystique surrounding her is tantalizingly attractive, and she is self assured knowing that she is the fulcrum of her universe. Where for the most part the sensual beauty of the female figure appeals to me and I never tire of depicting her in different ‘Rasas’, the Shringar Naika, Vatsalya, Dampatya, etc. - the quirkiness of the fat woman falling off the rickshaw or the well fed worker holding forth to her peers instead of doing her job, also finds its place. Life has so many aspects and humor as well as day to day activities can be extremely interesting and I plan to bring them out in my future series.

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      Oils on Canvas by Madhulika Jha

 "Madhulika studied painting under the aegis of Mr. Broota, and sculpture under Ms.Saroj Jain, which she continues till today. Once initiated, there was no looking back. Thereon, she found appreciation and enthusiasm regarding her work. Exhibitions and shows became a routine affair. Be a three dimensional sculpture or a two dimensional painting, she excels at it.

While reviewing her sculptures, onE finds minute attention paid to fine details, her forte being facial expression and body movement. Her sculptures are highly emotive. A characteristic common to all her work is sensuality. The beauty and grace of the human figure is captured by her deft fingers and transformed into metal wonders.

When Madhulika creates, she does not keep the viewer of his appraisal in mind. She works with her heart and dedication in the right place. She creates what catches her fancy and passion. As she says, “Art to me is a very personal affair,” and lets her work speak for itself." - Renu Rana (Art Critic)

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           Portraits by Madhulika Jha

My approach to life is to focus on the positive aspects of life, hopes and desires of human spirit. Thus, my work revolves around the threads of love that binds people. My love for family, books, music and dance finds expressions in various compositions in my present series of exhibition. Like love and companionship, music and reading are important for our soul as they nurture and enrich the psyche and raise us from prosaic and the sublime. And here I have given various shapes to the emotive appeal of such preoccupations.

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   Madhulika Jha's Works Collected by

  • Chairman, Shipping Corporation of India, Mumbai,1977
  • Headquarters Western Naval Command, Mumbai
  • Vakils, Mumbai
  • Hotels, Government Departments, private collectors in India & abroad
  • Secretary, AIFACS
  • Chairman,Brisk Marine Services, Gurgaon
  • Chairman,Quadrant Infotech, Gurgaon
  • Chairman Cargill India, Gurgaon
  • Mrs. Uma Gupta, Artist, Vasant Kunj
  • Drs. Kopal & Olivier Barnouin, USA
  • Tarun Tahiliani, Fashion Designer
  • Mrs. Kavita Uberoi, New Delhi
  • Mr & Mrs N Nanawati, Mumbai
  • Mr Lajpat Rai, France
  • Mrs Puri, New Delhi
  • Mrs R Butalia, Nw Delhi
  • Mr Anup Arora, New Delhi
  • Mrs Meera Gupta, New Delhi
  • Mrs Nirmal Jain, New Delhi